The 2011 LarKC Workflow Challenge

The LarKC consortium is inviting you to take part in the 2011 LarKC Workflow Challenge. Our challenge to you is:

use the Large Knowledge Collider to build the most innovative, surprising or sophisticated workflow

The first price will be an award of €1000, and the second price will be an award of €500.

The challenge is very open, and meant to maximise your own creativity. The only requirement is that you use the Large Knowledge Collider to build an interesting workflow. All the rest is up to you.

What to build?

Build a LarKC workflow, using either existing plugins from the LarKC marketplace, or you can of course write your own plugins for LarKC; plugins may execute locally or remotely; you can use any dataset of your own choosing, either those from the LarKC consortium, anything you can find on the Web of Data (either dump or SPARQL endpoint), or any other data you have access to; the data you use can be in any format, either already in RDF or still to be triplified, and can come from any datasource you like, either static or dynamic, commercial or private or public.

Your workflow can perform any task of your choosing. To give you some ideas, we've seen and built great workflows that

How to participate?

To participate, send a statement of interest to before 1 July, briefly describing your plans. Before 1 September 2011 you submit

These can be submitted by email to , or send us a pointer to a download location if your submission is too large for email.


The Jury panel will consist of Michael Witbrock (Cycorp Europe, chair) Tony Lee (?SaltLux) and Alexey Cheptsov (HLRS). People working in the groups that form the LarKC consortium are not allowed to participate (in case of doubt, contact us at ). Submitting the workflow and plugins implies permission for the jury panel to execute your workflow. Please specify any further licensing conditions where appropriate.

Important dates

Useful locations

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